CYBR is a cross chain NFT community build to use the power of the state connector and make use of F-Assets. CYBR capital will never cash out or convert to any token outside of its corresponding networks. CYBR NFTs are bought to vote. 30% of token sales will be reserved to build and manage the project. 70% of token sales reserved for CYBRs capital. The capital is not allowed to be moved directly of the network in any way shape or form. 1 token = 1 vote on reccuring multiple choice investment decisions to support all valuable dApps, NFTs and tokenized assets and/or give builders a kickstart. Holders can request strategy changes, voting options, list projects and every single option will be made into a voting every new moon. Doing all this to bring more value into Flare Networks ecosystem.

#1 CYBR expanding to Flare NetworkQ1 2023

The saga continues with a new society on the FLare Network with another 6666 NFTs. Airdrop will take place for every prime numbered CYBRs NFT. CYBRs on Songbird Network will have 1229 prime numbered NFTs that will be eligable.

#2 CYBR portflio trackerQ1 2023

With the CYBR portfolio tracker you will easily keep track of all investments. It will show unrealized profits and losses and a quick overview of everything we are currently invested in.

#3 CYBR- XRP, Doge, Litecoin and Bitcoin expansionQ2 2023

We expand from CYBRs to CYBRf, CYBRx, CYBRd, CYBRl and CYBRb. All NFTs wil be minted on Flare. And each of them will be available to buy only with the corresponding token. We are currently testing the state connector on Coston2. We will be ready and prepared the second the state connector goes live on Flare. This will be the beginning of blockchain cross chain payment. This will be the inovation bringing SGB, FLR, XRP, DOGE, LTC and BTC users together on one NFT project. Eventually there will be about 10,000 CYBRs on SGB, 6,666 on Flare, 5,555 on XRP, 4,444 on Doge, 3,333 on Litecoin and 2,222 on Bitcoin. Each society will have its own remarkable features and cultures. But all of them will share one thing. The CYBRs Capital. A CYBR wallet on all these chains. Ready, for F-Asset colleteral. Ready to lift projects up and kickstart whatever we see valuable to the societies as a whole.

#4 Autonomous Voting ToolQ3 2023

The autonomous voting tool makes sure we do not rely on the CYBRMOD on Discord to collect new proposals. CYBR holders of any type can add votes and upvote or downvote proposals from other users. This will all be done on chain and with the dApp. The votes will automatically be categorized and be made available for on chain voting exactly on every full moon.

#5 Metaverse Assets Dealershipcurrently unknown

CYBR artists will create exclusive assets for in-metaverse use. These will only be available from CYBR NFT dealers. All holders of CYBR tokens are able to mint an unlimited amount of (ITC)-NFTs for free. To raise capital the dealers can sell these NFTs to whoever they want inside a Metaverse. All the ITCs hold 70% CYBRs royalities, whenever someone sels the NFT they can earn 30% of the sales and 70% goes to the CYBRs capital. The

#6 CYBR becomes a DAOcurrrently unknown

The CYBRs dApp, web app and native app is finshed. Completely decentralized and governed by CYBRs NFT holders. Development after the release will and must be voted for and will be payed with remaining capital.